Mood Chart is an experimental prototype from BBC Research & Development
What is it?
This uses mood as a navigation tool for browsing many TV programmes at once and selecting a programme to watch. This allows users to view the relative moods of programmes as dots plotted on a mood chart.
How do I use it?
  • Hover the cursor over a dot in the mood chart, the programme title, an image from the programme and a short description of the programme are presented. To watch the programme, just select the dot.
  • Each TV programmes is represented as a dot on the mood chart.
  • A programme can be selected by either choosing the mood of the programme using the horizontal and vertical sliders to zoom in and out of the mood chart, or by searching using conventional means of title or genre (such as drama, comedy), and then using mood to refine programme selection.
  • The horizontal slider has serious mood equal to one and humorous mood equal to five with neutral midway.
  • The vertical scale has slow paced mood equal to one and fast paced mood equal to five with neutral midway.
  • The advantage is that it is possible to compare different programmes based on their relative mood scores, for example, search for something 'more fast paced'. Moreover, the combination of scores on each scale gives the programme a kind of mood fingerprint, enabling the discovery of programmes with similar mood fingerprints.
  • Why are there some programmes on iPlayer and not here, or why are programmes listed here as available but they're not on iPlayer?
    It takes time for us to process each programme and it's a computationally intensive process. We aim to process one day's worth of programmes overnight when our servers are less busy. As such if a programme becomes available or unavailable on iPlayer during the day, our system will only be updated the following day.
    How can you contact us?
    Comments and suggestions are welcome, please email us as at: