Mood Chart is an experimental prototype from BBC Research & Development

This is an R&D experiment that aims to classify programmes on iPlayer based on their mood. We have automatically analysed the audio and video content of about 300 programmes available in iPlayer then used the results of this analysis to identify if a programme is serious or humorous and fast or slow paced. This allows you to find interesting content in a new way.

This is part of our research into obtaining metadata from the content itself, i.e. for the video and audio, with the aim of helping users find content of interest from the archives, where the programme titles may be unfamiliar. For more information see the blog post and White paper WHP 232.

The link below with take you to a page showing a two-dimensional mood chart where you can explore some of the content in iPlayer in various ways:
  1. 1. Move the pointer over the dots in the graph to highlight programmes. Those of similar mood will be clustered together.
  2. 2. Change the scales of the axes by moving the sliders along each axis.
  3. 3. To search by title enter the title of a programme you know in the upper text box to show where that programme is on the mood chart and so find similar programmes.
  4. 4. To search by genre enter a programme genre, e.g. comedy, drama in the lower text box.
  5. 5. To play a programme click on the dot corresponding to that programme and it will take you to iPlayer.

Try it now: CLICK HERE